Osceola Turkey in Big Cypress

"Osceola Turkey hen at Big Cypress National Reserve"



  • This photograph of a female Osceola Turkey was taken with a Nikon D90 coupled to a Tamron 2x Teleconverter and Nikkor 60mm lens. I was taking some macro shots when this hen came out of the woods at blazingly fast speed. I managed to get this shot before she was out of sight. The photo was taken at Big Cypress National Reserve, just off the Nobel Road trail.
  • Osceola Turkey Trivia:

The Florida (aka Osceola) Wild Turkey, meleagris gallopavo osceola, was named after a famous Seminole Indian Chief of the early 1800’s by W.E.D. Scott in his 1890 description of the bird. They are a unique and highly sought after subspecies of the wild turkey since they are found only on the Florida peninsula. There are approximately 80,000 Osceola turkeys roaming the southern portions of Florida today.


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    15 Thoughts to “Osceola Turkey in Big Cypress”

    1. DonnaW56

      Impressive work! I don’t impress easy.

    2. Gary.W

      Alan, way cool photos

    3. Allan.F

      Beautiful photo Alan

    4. Alan Hochman

      Run for cover.. I won't be anybody's Thanksgiving Day dinner!

    5. RobertoS25

      How do you find these subjects?

    6. Ralph1299

      Wow Alan. Great photo

    7. Anonymous

      Alan, you got talent!

    8. BeeHive.121

      This is such amazing photography

    9. RobertoS25

      WOW Wow wow

    10. JLS

      I spent 4 weekends last spring sitting in the cold, dark, swamp, hunting these elusive and beautiful creatures without luck, and here, you get a shot of one (in another sense) without even trying!

      Got to love the hunter’s luck! 🙂

    11. Alan S. Hochman

      JLS, I hear ya! The Osceola is one elusive bird!

    12. NikkiG

      Thanks, awesome pix

    13. Robert Lenny

      Alan, do you take people out for photo trips??

    14. Gabe Triento

      I’m very impressed by your shots!

    15. So often I say to myself “I wish I’d brought my camera.” It looks like you’re always ready.

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