Viceroy Butterfly at Okaloacoochee Slough

"Viceroy Butterfly at Okaloacoochee Slough State Forest"



Photograph of a Viceroy Butterfly taken at Okaloacoochee Slough State Forest using a Nikon D90 camera and a Nikkor 60mm macro lens.

Viceroy butterflies physically resemble the monarch butterfly in coloring and wing pattern, and scientists think this mimicry helps protect both species of butterflies from predators.

The viceroy butterfly exhibits orange and black coloring similar to the monarch butterfly. Other color variations include black with white spots and purple with red spots.

The viceroy butterfly lives east of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in the U.S. and breeds all year-round in Florida. This butterfly also lives in central Mexico and Cuba, according to the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Science.

The viceroy butterfly has a wingspan that can reach approximately 4 inches in length, according to the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Science.



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