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IMPORTANT: All sales are FINAL. Know what you are bidding on.


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    • How does bidding work?

    Adam has an auction for an iPod on his website. Jim and Sally decide to bid on it.

    1. Adam sets the starting bid at $5. Jim bids a maximum of $25. The current bid is now set at $5.
    2. Sally comes along and bids a maximum of $15. But since Jim bid a maximum of $25 he is protected to win till Sally can bid over that.
    3. However this also means that Jim’s maximum bid has been outbid till $15. Therefore his current bid will rise to $15.10 to meet and beat Sally’s maximum bid.
    4. Sally decides to bid a bit more, she bids $30. Now she is the winning bidder. But her bid will only beat the previous maximum bid set by Jim, which was $25. So her current bid is $25.10, till someone decides to outbid her.
    5. Jim gets an email saying that he is being outbid. He may decide to bid more or not. If he does not bid then Sally only pays $25.10 for the iPod, unless someone outbids her.

    In the end, Adam will sell the iPod to the current highest bid and not the maximum bid set by Sally. Remember all bids are binding.


    • How can I find out if I’m winning an auction?

    If you are on the site where the auction is being held, simply refresh the page (if it is displayed in a post) or click the refresh bid icon in the popup window. If you are winning your name and current bid will be displayed on top.


    • How do I pay for my auction?

    If you win an auction you will get an email from the auction holder with payment instructions. There are 3 options to this. Which one you receive depends on the setting used by the auction holder.

    1. via PayPal – A link will appear in the email directing you to pay by PayPal.
    2. via Money Order – The mailing address of the auction holder will appear in the email for mailing your check.

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