Bumble Flower Beetle

"Bee mimic beetle aka Hairy scarab beetle at Enchanted Forest Park, Florida"










This is an unusual insect in that it mimics the Bumble bee. It is named the Bumble Flower Beetle, and was photographed as it landed on a purple thistle. The camera gear used was a Nikon D90 with a Nikkor 60mm 2.8 lens and a Tamron 2x teleconverter. The location for this shot was Enchanted Forest Park in North Miami, Florida, off of NE 135th Street.

The Bumble Flower Beetle of the Euphoria species is a common member of the scarab beetle family. This beetle derives its name from the fact that the adult beetles may be mistaken for bumble bees. The Bumble Flower Beetle flies close to the ground and emit a loud buzzing sound that is similar to bumble bees.

Adult Bumble Flower Beetles range in length from 7/16-5/8 of an inch and have a width of 5/16-3/8 of an inch. They have yellowish brown or cinnamon colored elytra with irregular longitudinal rows of small black spots, many of which may be rectangular. The head and thorax are densely hairy, as is the underside of the body. When captured or threatened, adults may emit a defensive chemical with a pungent chlorine-like odor.



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    7 Thoughts to “Bumble Flower Beetle”

    1. Josh25

      Love your photography

    2. Alan S Hochman Photo (@Photobug52) (@Photobug52)

      Bumble Flower Beetle http://bit.ly/jtPp3B #beetle #featured #insects #scarab

    3. Ellie MacFarland

      Actually that would probably be the Lichnanthe vulpina not a Euphoria species.
      Bumble Bee Scarab Beetles. Beautiful picture.

    4. Alan S Hochman Photo (@Photobug52) (@Photobug52)

      Bumble Flower Beetle http://t.co/LZykLHQ

    5. Eric58

      Great photo. Do you only photograph in Florida?

    6. WyldHog

      Nature is beautiful!

    7. Tui Snider (@mentalmosaic)

      What a fascinating beetle! I had never heard of them before. I like how you have so much info about each creature along with your photos.

      ~Tui, (I dropped by from Twitter)

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