Deer – Young Buck at Big Cypress

"Deer-young buck at Big Cypress national Reserve"


BIG CYPRESS WMA, COLLIER COUNTY, FL                                                                                                                                                                                       

This photograph of a young male white-tail deer was taken in the Big Cypress Wildlife Management Area off of Alligator Alley (I-75) in Collier County, Florida.




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    22 Thoughts to “Deer – Young Buck at Big Cypress”

    1. Robert.H

      Fabulous photo

    2. Sandy4523

      Way cool dude!

    3. Steve G.

      Good lookin nubbin buck.

    4. Alan S. Hochman

      I photographed this youngin on Noble Road in Big Cypress National Reserve a few years ago. He was real calm and photogenic!

    5. Angela3434

      Love your photography!

    6. Sean

      Love it! hope to see lots more

    7. Sarah

      Awwww, he is so beautiful

    8. Alan S. Hochman

      He is handsome, NOT beautiful! lol

    9. Alan S. Hochman

      Thank you Sean

    10. Alan S. Hochman

      Thank ya kindly

    11. Alina_PUr

      OOOOOOh, it`s so beautiful!

    12. Alan S. Hochman

      Thank you Alina.

    13. Anna.Soriota

      Stunning photography

    14. Sandra

      Are you strictly Florida based? Your pix are excellent.

    15. mrsroadrunner

      Oh how handsome!! What kind of deer is he?

    16. Alan S. Hochman

      Hi Mrs RR,
      He’s just your common white tail deer! lol

    17. Rita.Waller

      You know what your doing. Here is the proof!

    18. Andrew

      Excellent photo. Nice and clear.

    19. Lisa Greenwald

      He is soooo adorable. You are so lucky to do what you do!

    20. Andy.Hurvitz

      Excellent photo Alan S. Hochman

    21. wgardner4440

      I love this photo. It is awesome

    22. Alan S. Hochman

      Thank you so much Wayne.

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