Asian Grey Weevil at Big Cypress WMA

"Asian Grey Weevil at Big Cypress Wildlife Management Area"



This is a photograph of an Asian Grey Weevil that I captured while walking a trail in the Big Cypress Wildlife Management Area in Collier County, Florida off of Alligator Alley (I-75) at MM62. This is a new one for me but the Everglades are home for such diversity of life. The gear used in this digital photo of an Asian Grey Beetle was a Nikon D90 body attached to a Nikkor 60mm 2.8 lens and a macro light ring.

The Asian Grey Weevil (Myllocerus undatus Marshall)  is an Old World weevil native to Sri Lanka, but may be distributed over a wider area within Asia. Introduced populations in the United States are known only from Florida. The adult Asian Grey Weevil  grows to 7.0-8.5 mm long and whitish-grey with an irregular pattern of dark spots dorsally. The snout is short and quadrate and slightly expanded towards the apex. There is often a yellowish-orange patch below and behind each eye. The antennae are clubbed and elbowed. All the femora are armed with one to three spines on the lower surface near the distal end.

The Asian Grey Weevil is extremely polyphagous. At least 68 different hosts have been recorded, including: palms, citrus, crepe myrtle, ficus, hibiscus, lantana, cotton, and oaks.



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      Asian Grey Weevil at Big Cypress WMA #asian #grey #weevil #featured #insects

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