Monarch Butterfly atop Wild Ixora

"Monarch Butterfly atop Wild Ixora"



This photograph of a Monarch Butterfly atop Ixora was taken in Enchanted Forest Park. The park is located in North Miami, Florida. Camera gear used to capture this subject was a Nikon d90 DSLR camera with a Nikkor 60mm macro lens with a Tamron 2x teleconverter. Enchanted Forest Park is a fabulous  city park and abounds with squirrels, birds, iguanas and assorted wildflowers.


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    19 Thoughts to “Monarch Butterfly atop Wild Ixora”

    1. KenF23

      Cool wildlife photo

    2. TimothyR

      Excellent photo Alan S. Hochman

    3. DonnaW56

      Totally Awesome

    4. ConstruyeVerde (@ConstruyeVerde)

      RT @Photobug52: Monarch Butterfly atop Wild Ixora #butterfly #featured #ixora #monarch

    5. mimulux (@artbymimulux)

      RT @Photobug52: Monarch Butterfly atop Wild Ixora #butterfly #featured #ixora #monarch

    6. David (@Bodewadmi)

      Monarch Butterfly atop Wild Ixora. #photography

    7. Big Joe (@4e4_Network)

      RT @Bodewadmi: Monarch Butterfly atop Wild Ixora. #photography ~ 😀

    8. Fermin Rodriguez (@FerminRodriguez)

      RT @Bodewadmi: Monarch Butterfly atop Wild Ixora. #photography

    9. Suzy Starnes (@StarCreations)

      RT @RiaSmithDesigns wow,luv it!<Monarch Butterfly atop Wild Ixora. #photography RT @bodewadmi:

    10. Jodi Silver (@JRavenHawk)

      RT @Bodewadmi Monarch Butterfly atop Wild Ixora. #photography – BEAUTIFUL. What photography captures is AMAZING

    11. Quelle magnifique symphonie de couleurs…

      Très heureuse de dÊcouvrir votre admirable travail.
      Luce(artiste-peintre) @LoTuCeBleu

    12. Alan S. Hochman

      Je vous remercie pour votre compliment!

    13. Henry.T

      Beautiful photo Alan

    14. Isobel

      Stunning picture, that butterfly looks art deco in design:) Such vivid, beautiful flowers too.

    15. AmyT

      Great colors on butterfly and plant

    16. Suzanne Tilton

      Alan, what a beautiful photo. The plant the Monarch is nectaring on is Tropical Milkweed. Monarchs not only nectar from the flowers but they lay their eggs on this plant.

    17. Alan S. Hochman

      Thank you Suzanne for the compliment, and for the info.

    18. Maristela

      I love Butterfly!!!

    19. Meledy

      Love your pictures! Be careful out there, and hello from the Mountains of Washington State

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