Southern Dogface Butterfly

"Southern Dogface Butterfly at Enchanted Forest Park"



This is a photo of a Southern Dogface Butterfly taken at Enchanted Forest Park located in North Miami, Florida. This was an attempt to creep up on the subject with a macro light ring and lens. The camera gear used on this shot was a Nikon D90 camera body, a Nikkor 60mm 2.8 and light ring.

The Southern Dogface (Zerene cesonia) is one of two members of the Zerene genus, found in the United States.

For identification purposes, the upper side forewings of both sexes have yellow “dog’s head” surrounded by black. “Eye” does not touch black border. Female similar, with duller, more diffuse black areas and 2 seasonal forms: underside hindwing of wet season “summer” form is yellow; that of dry season “winter” form is mottled with black and pink.

With a Coast to Coast range, it is also one of the more common of all Sulfur species found in the United States.



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    10 Thoughts to “Southern Dogface Butterfly”

    1. Ray.Ackerman

      I’m very impressed with your photos.

    2. Howard Glatter

      Can you teach it to heel and roll over?

    3. Alan Hochman

      No but it does like to be walked! lol

    4. JayTee (@apophises)

      Southern Dogface Butterfly

    5. Alan S Hochman Photo (@Photobug52) (@Photobug52)

      Southern Dogface Butterfly

    6. B.L. McMillan (@PoliticalBee)

      RT @Photobug52: Southern Dogface Butterfly

    7. Geoff Coates (@Geoff_J_Coates)

      RT @Photobug52: Southern Dogface Butterfly

    8. TheOutdoorsGuy@Oceanhawk1) (@Oceanhawk1)

      Southern Dogface Butterfly Good capture Alan

    9. FulviaChristine

      Its colour is a very good source of camouflage

    10. Sujittra Chaturongkul

      I love butterflies and when you get real up close, you can see the wonder of nature, such as the really variegated, vivid colors, and the velvety texture of its wings. Have you ever taken the picture of the chrysalis? For the monarch butterfly, it’s gold and transparent like in the fairy tale dream.

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