Osprey (Juvenile) at Holey Land WMA

"Osprey (Juvenile) at HoleyLand WMA"




This photograph is of a juvenile Osprey that was taken at the Holey Land Wildlife Management Area. The Holey Land Wildlife Management Area is located on Okeechobee Road (US27) just at the Broward County/Palm Beach County border. The camera used in this photograph of a juvenile Osprey was a Nikon D90 attached to a Tamron 28-300mm lens and a Tamron 2x teleconverter.

Ospreys (Pandion haliaetus) are very large, distinctively shaped hawks. Despite their size, their bodies are slender, with long, narrow wings and long legs. Ospreys fly with a marked kink in their wings, making an M-shape when seen from below. Ospreys are brown above and white below, and overall they are whiter than most raptors. From below, the wings are mostly white with a prominent dark patch at the wrists. The head is white with a broad brown stripe through the eye. Juveniles have white spots on the back and buffy shading on the breast.

Unique among North American raptors for its diet of live fish and ability to dive into water to catch them, Ospreys are common sights soaring over shorelines, patrolling waterways, and standing on their huge stick nests, white heads gleaming. These large, rangy hawks do well around humans and have rebounded in numbers following the ban on the pesticide DDT. Hunting Ospreys are a picture of concentration, diving with feet outstretched and yellow eyes sighting straight along their talons.



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    4 Thoughts to “Osprey (Juvenile) at Holey Land WMA”

    1. Kay O2 (@Observer2isback)

      Exceptional #photo of juvenile #Osprey. They r not #hawks, but site’s info otherwise good. #birds #raptors #nature http://t.co/wnDAKTdk

    2. Anthony Rimmer

      Nice Shot Alan. Just concerned that the length of lens used and 2x converter had diminished the quality of the focus on the eyes. They are slightly blurred as is the head – could be that he moved as you took it, but non the less, very good. I always admire your photographs. Keep up the work.

    3. What a lovely bird! It’s so good to hear about an animal that coexists well with humans, thank you!

    4. Sally Whale

      It’s a lovely image, but not an osprey.

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