Wasp in Arch Creek Memorial Park

"Wasp in Arch Creek Memorial Park"



This is a photograph of a wasp on white clover taken in Arch Creek Memorial Park in North Miami, Florida. The subject photograph was taken with a Nikon D90 and a Nikkor 60mm lens. This park is right next to Enchanted Forest Park and an enjoyable place to visit. It is mostly a straight trail with a few side trails and is a historic Indian battle site.

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    4 Thoughts to “Wasp in Arch Creek Memorial Park”

    1. Pattie.Rose

      Fabulous photo

    2. Pattie1545

      Did you go to school for this???

    3. Your macro work of the insects is so interesting and inspirational.

    4. Jacky

      you see what i don’t see, you find what i don’t find.

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