Butterfly-Phaon Crescent

"Phaon Crecent Butterflies"




  • These two Phaon Crescents are the first visitors to my new backyard Butterfly Garden.  The photo was taken with a Nikon D90 and a Nikkor 60mm lens. I really am amazed as to how quickly various life appears.


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    6 Thoughts to “Butterfly-Phaon Crescent”

    1. TimothyR

      Love your photo’s

    2. Marshall.D

      Love your photography

    3. SandyG

      Allan I want to go with you on a photo op

    4. Billy.Hastings

      Awesomw pix

    5. BeeHive.121

      I’m very impressed by your shots!

    6. Roberta.Henry

      great wildlife photography

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