Roseate Spoonbill wading in marsh

"Roseate Spoonbill wading in marsh"


HOLEY LAND WMA, FL                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

This photograph of a Roseate Spoonbill was shot with a Nikon D90 attached to a Tamron 28-300mm telephoto lens from a distance of approximately 100 yards. The subject was wading in a marshy area near Holey Land WMA in Deem City, FL. Holey Land WMA is part of the most northern extent of remaining Everglades sawgrass marsh.


For a description of ROSEATE SPOONBILLS, click here

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    19 Thoughts to “Roseate Spoonbill wading in marsh”

    1. Sandy4523


    2. Josh25

      Way cool dude!

    3. Sammy52

      Cool wildlife photo

    4. RobertoS25

      I Love Nature

    5. Gary.W

      Love your photography!

    6. asaasalive

      Thank you for follow!
      It is a good photograph.
      In nature, it is a good thing that there are an animal and an insect.
      You must do it not to lose this nature.
      Please take the photograph of the creature in much nature from now on.
      I enjoy it.
      Thank you.

    7. Gorgeous bird. Good capture, g.

    8. Alan S. Hochman

      Thank you Gabrielle

    9. SwampMud


    10. Eric58

      Great shot!!

    11. Ralph1299

      Super cool pix.

    12. earl ben

      Now that’s what you call beauty! Nice work done for the photograph sir!

    13. Jane

      What a wonderful bird and what a great photo

    14. Alan S. Hochman

      Thank you very much Jane.

    15. nancy

      Beautiful photograph, such talent!

    16. Alan S. Hochman

      Thank you Nancy

    17. Jenny

      Beautiful photograph Alan.

    18. Kipelovna

      Классно! Спасибо!

    19. Alan S. Hochman

      Спасибо Kipelovna

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