Tricolor Heron at Holey Land WMA

"Tricolor Heron at the HoleyLand Wildlife Management Area in Florida"



This photograph of a Tricolor Heron was taken at the Holey Land Wildlife Management Area off of Okeechobee Road (US27) at the boundary of Broward and Palm Beach Counties. The camera gear used to take this Tricolor Heron was a Nikon D90 body attached to a Nikkor 60mm 2.8 lens. Although I use this lens for mainly macrophotography, there wasn’t enough time to switch to a zoom lens.

The Tricolor Heron (Egretta tricolor) is also known as the “Louisiana Heron”. It grows to 26 inches. In adults, the back, neck, wings and head are a slaty blue. The belly and underwings  are white. There is a white line down the entire foreneck, with the base of the neck purplish. The neck and legs are long, and the bill of the Tricolor Heron is very long,  and thin. During courtship, there are long, buffy plumes on the back. The Tricolor Heron fishes by slow stalking and wild running pursuit in shallow water. It nests in colonies, with other species. The Tricolor Heron is a resident of Florida, and whose habitat consists of salt and freshwater mudflats, meadows, swamp and marshes.


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