Egrets at Enchanted Forest Park

"Great Egret at Enchanted Forest Park"




This is a photograph of two Egrets at Enchanted Forest Park, located in North Miami, Florida. The camera gear used for this capture is a Nikon D90 with a Tamron 28-300mm lens.



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    11 Thoughts to “Egrets at Enchanted Forest Park”

    1. Alan S Hochman Photo (@Photobug52) (@Photobug52)

      Egrets at Enchanted Forest Park via @photobug52

    2. Andy.Hurvitz

      Fantastic ix!

    3. Susan Markowitz

      Gorgeous photo! Made me miss Florida (and Florida birds) even more, if that’s possible… 🙂

    4. Linda McSchuler

      Motionless serenity.

    5. Alan S. Hochman

      Linda, Very well put!

    6. WildBill


    7. JanetS41

      I Love Nature

    8. Amberr Meadows

      Beautiful birds. I spotted one of those recently on the Georgia coast. Simply lovely!

    9. Yob Mosher

      Beautiful imagery. Thank you for sharing.

    10. Alan S. Hochman

      My pleasure! Glad you are enjoying them.

    11. Sandy.Wolfstein

      Alan, way cool photos

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