Southeastern Lubber Grasshopper

"Southeastern Lubber Grasshopper at Big Cypress National Reserve"




This photograph of a Southeastern Lubber grasshopper was taken in Big Cypress National Reserve along Noble Road. The subject was shot with a Nikon D80 coupled to a Nikkor 60mm lens.


  • Description:
  •  2-2 3/4″ (50-70 mm). Short winged. Hind wings pink to red with black borders. Two different color forms: either dull straw-yellow with black markings and, in the South, a reddish stripe on fore wing; or mostly black with a yellow stripe around edges of pronotum, along back ridge, and on rear edge of abdominal segments.


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    5 Thoughts to “Southeastern Lubber Grasshopper”

    1. Robert.Lenny

      How do you find these places to shoot your photos?

    2. PhotoGurl

      Unbelievable photos

    3. Kathleen Kiser

      Cool. In AZ We had a hopper we called the Mexican General he has Magenta wings when he flies Love this Pic Great as always – Have a Great Day Dear

    4. Alan S. Hochman

      That has to be a pretty sight!

    5. Bloofalmoxy

      Colorful critter.

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