White Peacock Butterfly at Enchanted Forest Park

"White Peacock Butterfly at Enchanted Forest Park"




Photographed is a White Peacock Butterfly taken at Enchanted Forest Park. This park is located off of NE 135th Street in North Miami, Florida, just west of Biscayne Blvd. The White Peacock Butterfly was captured using a Nikon D90 camera body attached to a Nikkor 60mm 2.8 lens, a Tamron 2x teleconverter, and a macro light ring.

The White Peacock Butterfly (Anartia jatrophae) is a species of butterfly found in the southeastern United States, Central America, and throughout much of South America.

The pattern that is created on the White Peacock butterfly turns out to be a checkered pattern. You will also see a little more orange and brown color in crescent shapes along the scalloped wings. The color is a bit more pronounced on the hindwings. The eye spots that you see (two on the hind wing, and one on the forewing) are ever helpful in the avoidance of predators that may get a bit confused by what appears to be large eyes. The eyes indicate the size of the creature, usually, thus the disguise in this case, as it appears something much larger than it actually is.

Upperside is white with light brown markings and a double row of light crescents at the margins. Forewing has one round, black spot; hindwing has two. Dry season (winter) form is larger and paler; wet season (summer form) is smaller and darker.

The range of the White Peacock Butterfly is from Argentina north through Central America, Mexico, and the West Indies to South Texas and southern Florida. Migrates and temporarily colonizes to central Texas and coastal South Carolina. A rare wanderer to North Carolina, Missouri, Nebraska, and Kansas.



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      White Peacock Butterfly at Enchanted Forest Park http://t.co/XRdVkov0 via @PHOTOSintheWILD

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