Black-necked Stilt at Holey Land WMA

"Black-necked Stilt at Holey Land WMA"



While at the Holey Land Wildlife Management Area, located at the Broward County/Palm Beach County border off off US-27 (Okeechobee Road, Florida), I had the opportunity to photograph a Black-necked Stilt. The subject was captured using a Nikon D90 camera body and a Phoenix 650mm super zoom lens at a distance of almost 100 yards.

The Black-necked Stilt (Himantopus mexicanus) is a locally abundant shorebird of American wetlands and coastlines. It is found from the coastal areas of California through much of the interior western United States and along the Gulf of Mexico as far east as Florida, then south through Central America and the Caribbean to northwest Brazil southwest Peru,eastE Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands. The northernmost populations, particularly those from inland, are migratory, wintering from the extreme south of the United States to southern Mexico, rarely as far south as Costa Rica; on the Baja California peninsula it is only found regularly in winter.

Adult Black-necked Stilts have long pink legs and a long thin black bill. They are white below and have black wings and backs. The tail is white with some grey banding. A continuous area of black extends from the back along the hindneck to the head. There, it forms a cap covering the entire head from the top to just below eye-level, with the exception of the areas surrounding the bill and a small white spot above the eye. Males have a greenish gloss to the back and wings, particularly in the breeding season. This is less pronounced or absent in females, which have a brown tinge to these areas instead. Otherwise, the sexes look alike.



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    1. Alan S Hochman Photo (@Photobug52) (@Photobug52)

      Black-necked Stilt at Holey Land WMA via @photobug52

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      Black-necked Stilt at Holey Land WMA via @photobug52

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      Black-necked Stilt at Holey Land WMA – via *@Photobug52 #bird

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      Stunning photography

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