Bloody Net-winged Beetle

"Bloody Net-winged Beetle at Enchanted Forest Park"



This is an interesting photograph of a Bloody Net-winged Beetle that was taken at my favorite location for capturing insects, none other than Enchanted Forest Park, located in North Miami, Florida. I say interesting, because its skin reminds me of that of a strawberry! The gear used in this shoot was a Nikon D90 camera body to which a Nikkor 60mm 2.8 lens and macro light ring was attached.

Bloody Net-winged Beetles (Lycus sanguineus) are soft-bodied and mostly blood-red in color with black-tipped legs, black antennae, black eyes, and black-tipped elytra (modified forewings that serve as wing covers). Like other Lycids or members of the Net-winged Beetle Family (Lycidae), Bloody Net-winged Beetles have a netlike pattern of raised veins on their leathery elytra, a wide, flattened pronotum (the area behind the eyes), elongated mouthparts, and broad, flattened, often saw-toothed antennae.

Beetles of this family are elongated and usually found on flowers or stems. The adults of some species are nectarivores while some may have short-lived adult lives during which they may not feed at all. The head is triangular and the antennae are long, thick, and serrate. Most of them are brick-red in colour. They are protected from predators by being toxic.

The predaceous larvae grow under bark or in leaf litter.



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      Bloody Net-winged Beetle

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