Iguana at Enchanted Forest Park



  • This photograph was taken at Enchanted Forest Park in North Miami, FL. The subject was shot with a Nikon D90 and a Tamron 28-300mm telephoto lens at a distance of approximately 20 feet on an extremely bright day with a polarizing filter.

Iguana Trivia:

Iguana is a genus of lizard native to tropical areas of Central and South America and the Caribbean. The genus was first described by Austrian naturalist Josephus Nicolaus Laurenti in his book Specimen Medicum, Exhibens Synopsin Reptilium Emendatam cum Experimentis circa Venena in 1768. The genus Iguana includes two species: the Green Iguana, which is widespread throughout its range and a popular pet, and the Lesser Antillean Iguana, which is endemic to the Lesser Antilles and endangered due to habitat destruction.

The two species of lizard within the genus Iguana possess a dewlap, a row of spines running down their back to their tail, and a third “eye” on their head. This eye is known as the parietal eye, visible as a pale scale on the top of the head. Behind their neck are small scales which resemble spikes, known as tuberculate scales. These scales may be a variety of colors and are not always visible from close distances. They have a large round scale on their cheek known as a subtympanic shield.

Iguanas have excellent vision and are able to see shapes, shadows, colors and movement at long distances. Iguanas use their eyes to navigate through crowded forests, as well as for finding food. They use visual signals to communicate with other members of the same species.

They respond to visual stimulus of colors such as orange, yellow, pink, and in rare cases blue as food substances.

An iguana’s ear is known as the tympanum. It is the iguana’s ear drum, and is located right above the subtympanic shield and behind the eye. Iguanas are often hard to spot, as they tend to blend into their surroundings. The color green helps as a mode of hiding from larger predators.


Subject Photo exif Data

Camera Make and Model NIKON D90

Photo taken on December 13, 2009, 12:10 am

Focal Length 60mm

Shutter Speed 1/125

Aperture @ƒ/8

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29 Thoughts to “Iguana at Enchanted Forest Park”

  1. Janice.Wolf

    Fabulous photo

  2. Charles Henry Eldridge

    Nice shot Alan!

  3. Sutton Mason

    awwww! I ♥ Iguanas

  4. Alan Hochman

    Charles, this Iguana was shot 5 minutes from my house, yet I never see them in the Everglades!

  5. Alan Hochman

    Sutton, they are remarkable critters. This one was about 3 feet long.

  6. Sutton Mason

    I used to have a pet iguana who got to be over 6 ft nose to tail.. very cool..the Florida version of squirrels.. ha ha

  7. Alan Hochman

    Got that right!! lol And word has it that they both taste like chicken! lol

  8. Charles Henry Eldridge

    It's always chicken. hahaha

  9. Alan Hochman

    Kwai Charles..Doni gedowiozin? The only animal I have ever eaten that tastes a little like chicken is alligator

  10. JC

    What a fabulous critter!

  11. Alan S. Hochman

    JC, the iguana was photographed about 5 minutes from my home. The area is loaded with them in all sizes up to about 5 feet.

  12. woojunbang

    Wow, Great
    I hope to see many wild animals..!

  13. Alan S. Hochman

    Thank you

  14. Jules

    i love me those iguanas! This one’s a beaut! his colors, bulging orange&black-circled cheeks and draped bib are amazing phenomena to see. Thank you.


  15. Alan S. Hochman

    Jules, where I live, they are everywhere!

  16. Wow. That is quite a creature. Enjoying your photos.

  17. Alan S. Hochman

    Glad you like the photos!
    Just read your post on Long Island crabbing. As an ex New Yorker I miss doing that! I am from Sheepshead Bay now living in Florida. There are blue claw here, but it’s just not the same! lol

  18. Janice

    How long have you been taking these photos?

  19. Melissa S.

    I really dig them! Who could ever eat them is beyond me.

  20. Kenneth

    Masterpiece. Keep it up Alan.

  21. Anonymous

    Alan, you got talent!

  22. Sneha

    Wow..very pretty!

  23. Jason

    That is one cool lookin lizard.

  24. Alan S. Hochman

    It was taken 5 minutes from my house!

  25. Alicia Corolla

    It looks like a tiny dinosaur.

  26. @2Petts

    So colorful-So photogenic-

  27. John D

    That is one cool pic! 🙂

  28. Arthur

    Nice looking iguana, Alan

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