Common Green Bottle Fly

"Common Green Bottle Fly"



This is a photograph of a Common Green Bottle Fly taken at Arch Creek Memorial Park, using a Nikon D90 and Nikkor 60mm lens.

The common green bottle fly (Lucilia sericata) is a common blow-fly found in most areas of the world, and the most well-known of the numerous green bottle fly species. It is 10–14 mm long, slightly larger than a housefly, and has brilliant, metallic, blue-green or golden coloration with black markings. It has black bristle-like hair and three cross-grooves on the thorax. The wings are clear with light brown veins, and the legs and antennae are black. The maggots (larvae) of the fly are used for maggot therapy. L. sericata is common all over the world, mainly the southern hemisphere, dominating in Africa and Australia.

ge.The Common Green Bottle Fly is coastal in its distribution and prefers warm and moist climates. The female will lay her eggs in meat, fish, animal corpses, infected wounds of humans or animals, and excrement. The larvae of this insect feed on most decomposing tissue, but seem to concentrate on the Ovis genus which cause many problems for sheep farmers. This insect is also typical to most fly species by having three instar stages.

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    8 Thoughts to “Common Green Bottle Fly”

    1. Howard Glatter

      Used to share my lunch with these things in the Deli on Neptune Avenue

    2. Alan S. Hochman

      Wow, what a guy! lol

    3. Howard Glatter

      Fluke fishing was always slow and boring, lay on the deck on the Tampa and fry in the sun,and get eaten alive by pesky flies. Maybe catch a few fluke. I would go for fluke when my arms were tired from bluefishing.

    4. Alan Hochman

      And your point is????????????????????

    5. Howard Glatter

      that's just it, there is no point. I'm pushin 60

    6. Alan Hochman

      No excuse..I'm pushin 59. Does dementia begin at 60? lol

    7. JasonW

      I\’m totally jealous of your work!

    8. Anna.Soriota

      This is such amazing photography

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