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I was born in the Brighton Beach area of Brooklyn, New York in 1952, living very close to the beach and Atlantic Ocean, and so started my lifelong fascination with the ocean and nature. My parents sent me to a sleep away camp in upstate New York each and every summer during my youth which introduced me to the magnificent sights that nature provides. It was there that I learned about the flora and fauna of the area, which truly was the impetus that shaped my life. As I grew up, this fascination with nature did not wane in the slightest. I could always be found on my boat in Sheepshead Bay, or hiking and exploring the woods in different regions of upstate New York, which to this day I still hold dearly.

During my college years, I majored in Biology and Psychology, earning a Masters Degree in those subjects, and headed out into the workforce, still spending all of my free time exploring and learning about the natural world we live in, and experiencing its raw beauty through the lens of a 35mm film camera.

In 1990, I left my home state of New York for the warm sunny skies of Florida and to start a new life journey . It was here that I became aware of the Florida Everglades, which totally amazed me as it was so unlike the woods I explored in the mountains during my youth.

Currently, I work a 9-5 as a profiler and graphics coordinator for a major online website, but at every opportunity, can be found somewhere traipsing about in the Everglades or in some wooded part of Florida and beyond, following game trails, and exploring new areas where man has least traveled. Armed with my survival gear (cigarettes and a bottle of water!) , a gps, my Nikon D90 with a few choice lenses, and off I go to photo shoot the natural world.

Recently, I have become more and more involved in my photographic efforts, centering on the art of insect macrophotography. This website is my hope of recognition, by my peers, for my efforts, of knowledge acquired, and for the beauty it offers those visiting this site.

The Florida Everglades is a fragile and unique ecosystem in danger!
Proceeds from donations will be used to help fund Everglades Restoration Projects

Donations help to fund Everglades Restoration Projects

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  1. Nice job here Alan! The Everglades is another vital ecosystem in need of protection, and it’s comforting to know that folks like yourself are carrying the torch to bring awareness and concern for it’s safety. We are all connected! What camp did you go to up in my neck of the woods? (The Adirondacks) Be well and peace be the journey my friend! -CHE

  2. Charles, I love being outdoors and the Everglades has such diversity of life, but… it is NO New York woods! I really appreciate your comment to me. btw.. the camp was called Wel-Met.

  3. Just discovered your work through Twitter, talking to the New Jersey group saving the bears. All I can say is, “WOW!”, you have a new fan!

  4. Wow your work and dedication towards nature is really impressive.Saw the photos and its looking great.I too am on a mission to protect nature and our fellow species.Hope that you can offer some help.

  5. Beautiful work! I also get my inspiration for my art , from nature! Best wishes on your path~

  6. Your work is fascinating. As an amateur astronomer I share your passion with the outdoors and nature! Good stuff 🙂

  7. I finally read your bio…I can only imagine the childhood you must have had. You were very fortunate to have the life experiences you wrote about in your bio. I’m glad that I came across your site and took time to poke around. You’re photography is fabulous and I’m honored to share your interest in nature and photography with my grandchildren.

  8. You have done a magnificent job here! It’s green, and blue, and colorful and full of nature’s best colors. Bravo! and Kudos!

  9. Gravesend Bay, eh? Spent time there waiting for the tide to turn so we could shoot up the East River and through Hell Gate. Good birding down at the end of NY. Have spent a lot of time in the glades (in fact, my 1st husband’s ashes are haunting the Little Shark River…long story. Have you been up to FL’s “Treasure Coast”? Great swamps and marshes & wildlife, but – To the point – incredibly beautiful photography, Alan!

  10. Hello Alan,
    I was just browsing through your website & looking at your work. Absolutely beautiful. You definitely have a gift. Thank you for sharing. Have a lovely day and Happy New Year! Keep the beautiful pictures coming, Lissa Lane, Ontario, Canada.

  11. I found beautiful documents recounted with great photographs, I’m rediscovering the nature of my house through the respect for it and trying to tell the story with my photographs, I still lack a lot of experience but the road is still long. Congratulations for the great job Alan!
    Franco from Italy

  12. Hi Alan! Wonderful website! 🙂 Thanks for encouraging me to come visit from Twitter (@BanksImages). I look forward to seeing more of your wildlife photography; your images are an inspiration for me! I’ve bookmarked your page and will check back frequently! – Ashley at BanksImages.net

  13. Your recent decision to follow Learning from Dogs brought me to this place, so a brilliant connection. Thus as well as a ‘thank you’ for your LfD subscription, a brilliant find. Your photographs are wonderful – will say so over at my place!

  14. I love your Insect pictures! In my opinion it’s very difficult to take good pictures of insects but then I’m just an amateur
    Many of the birds are exotic and unfamiliar for me, others I recognize or find some resemblance with our birds. When I look at your Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, I think it is very like our large woodpecker you can see on my page on http://gittie.blogspot.se/ We have a lot of migrating birds that benefits of the Nordic light nights over here in the summertime. They say that it’s as much as 90 % of our summer birds that migrate before winter. If you go down to Skanör/Falsterbo in the very south of Sweden there is a chance of seeing a lot of migrating birds from all over Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia. They follow the land as far as possible before crossing the water.

  15. Alan, thank you for following me @sweetbarefoot & thank you for your work (beautiful!)
    I was born in Glens Falls but raised in Tx & Ca, you must travel, will do wonders for your vision.
    My survival gear is cigarettes and a bottle of Pepsi!(a Pepsiholic)
    Love to you and yours,

  16. I’m from New York too Alan (Long island), and upstate similarly inspired my interest in nature, rocks and adventure. I always enjoy your photos. I wonder how many of these little beauties people pass every day without noticing.

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