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16 Thoughts to “Birds Swarming in Florida Everglades”

  1. Sandy4523

    Love your photo’s

  2. hilda

    i love nature and i love your pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Alan S. Hochman

    Thank you Hilda

  4. SwampMud

    I luv your photos

  5. RobertoS25

    Great shot!!

  6. Lovely shot Alan. My husband and I went to Florida a few years ago. My husband took lots of pictures. There are so many beautiful birds in Florida.We have never been to the Everglades.Perhaps we should put that on our travel list.

  7. Jitz

    You’re a good photographer and a passionate biologist! Wanna be like you πŸ˜€

  8. Funny how the swallows disappear here on the West Coast during the winter and swarm on the East Coast then in a couple of months will show up here to nest and hang out for the Summer. Wonder if they are the same birds, they are definitely the same species of swallow. Thought they were supposed to fly South for the Winter.

  9. navas marie luce

    Thanks for your wonderful pictures.
    If you can take photos of mineral stone you will go into the magical world of shapes and colours it will be welcomed.
    Best regards mluce navas

  10. Rolly

    Nice. I’m going there this spring for some wildlife shoots. I can hardly wait.

  11. Lynda

    Beautiful photographs! I’m visiting friends in North Florida at the moment but I don’t get to see much in the way of wildlife. I MUST try harder!

  12. Alan S. Hochman

    Thank you Lynda! Wildlife is everywhere. You just have to look! Enjoy your visit.

  13. Autoscope Safaris

    Nice Photos πŸ™‚

  14. Alan S. Hochman

    Much thanks!

  15. JKW

    Fantastic pictures. I love nature, birds and animals. Having fun walking everywhere, especially nature centers. Blessings, Janet

  16. Alan S. Hochman

    Thank you so much Janet.

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