Sounds of Nature



                                Turn ON your speakers, crank up the volume, and put away the bug spray!


            Current list of categories and sound files

1:  elkbellow  2:  flying fox  3:  flying fox2 

Beloved Ocean
1:  an ocean getaway  2:  branding kort  3:  crashing surf  4:  gentle sea on flat beach  5:  lapping waves and gulls  6:  ocean spray  7:  quick waves  8:  rolling surf  9:  rough ocean  10:  surf on rocks  11:  tidal pool and waves  12:  waves and spray 

1:  blackbird  2:  black capped chickadee  3:  black crow  4:  blue heron  5:  bluejay  6:  blue martins  7:  buzzard  8:  buzzard heat  9:  cardinal  10:  cardinal song  11:  chickadee  12:  crow  13:  cuckoo  14:  curlew  15:  dove  16:  kookaburra  17:  loon  18:  meadowlark  19:  menuraalberti  20:  pheasant  21:  pheasant call  22:  quail  23:  redblackbird  24:  robin  25:  rubythroat  26:  rufous and white wren  27:  short toed eagles  28:  skylark  29:  songsparrow  30:  songthrush  31:  woodpecker  32:  woodthrush  33:  woodthrush long  34:  wren 

Birds of Prey
1:  eagle  2:  owl  3:  night owl  4:  peregrine falcon 

Bird Song
1:  a birdsong  2:  blackbird and chaffinch  3:  come here bird  4:  easter birds 3min  5:  joy bird  6:  jungle birds  7:  nightengale 4min  8:  tweet 

Crackle of fire
1:  camp fire burning  2:  crackle fire  3:  chimney fire  4:  forest reborn  5:  quiet campfire 4min  6:  roaring fire 

1:  bats hunting 

Drums and Rhythms
1:  bongo high  2:  bongo man  3:  darbuka  4:  hugedrum  5:  kwazi shaker conga  6:  psychedelic seven  7:  shake darbuka 

1:  frogs and such  2:  jungle frogs  3:  lobo dusk frogs  4:  talking frogs  5:  peepers  6:  singers  7:  tree frog  8:  tree frog concert  9:  tree frog duett  10:  water frogs  11:  waterfrogs 2008 

Insect Song
1:  bunting  2:  cicadas  3:  evening majic  4:  evening noise 3min  5:  grasshopper song  6:  grassland  7:  happy crickets  8:  honeybee cistus  9:  honeybees echium  10:  meadow of insect song  11:  quiet crickets  12:  texan crickets 3min 

Mother Nature
1:  backyard rain  2:  distant rumbling  3:  fresco thunder  4:  hail light 3min  5:  hailstorm 3min  6:  quiet rain  7:  rain  8:  rain heavy  9:  rain light  10:  spring storm 5min  11:  thunder  12:  thunder before rain  13:  thunder boom  14:  thunder booming  15:  thunder deep rolling  16:  thunder large  17:  thunder rumble  18:  thunder strike  19:  very strong thunder 

Music Box
1:  little black rain cloud  2:  musicxmt  3:  silent night  4:  waltz off flowers 

Native Flute
1:  catalpa canyon  2:  eagle feather  3:  flutedance  4:  flute track  5:  happy bird  6:  haunted canyon  7:  little E  8:  overblow echo 

Nature Scenes
1:  dusk in the forest  2:  frogs 3min  3:  indian woodland 3min  4:  naturescapes 3min  5:  pine lake 3min 

1:  hedge ambiance  2:  rainforest at night  3:  rainforest morning chorus  4:  rainforest riflebird  5:  rainforest whipbird 3min  6:  rainforest whipbird2 3min 

Water Flow
1:  brook  2:  colorado stream  3:  glen haven  4:  kids and a fountain  5:  relax by the fountain 

1:  light wind with chimes  2:  light wind with chimes 3min  3:  path wind  4:  poplar wind  5:  vento variable 

Wind Chimes
1:  bamboo wind chimes  2:  chimes from the far away  3:  chimes of lust  4:  chimes of nature  5:  chimes of wonder  6:  harmonic high  7:  low chimes and birds 


Quick start guide

  • Consult the interactive help window above to learn about Sensiri’s buttons and other player specifics.      
  • Sensiri loads the sounds from our online database.  Make sure all is well with your internet connectivity.      
  • Start the program. The user interface will open and display player 1.      
  • Click on the drop-down menu labeled “Select a Category”.  Choose your desired genre of sound.      
  • You will notice that the drop-down menu on the right now contains a sound file name.  Press play if you want to hear this sound or click on the sound file menu to select a different sound.      
  • If you haven’t yet, click on the play button.      
  • Set your desired sound level using the volume buttons or the up and down arrows on the keyboard.      
  • Pan the sound using the pan buttons or the left and right arrows on the keyboard.      
  • Now it’s time to add another player.  Press the add player button to add player 2.  You can add up to seven players.  Access the other players by clicking on the multi-colored buttons at the bottom of the interface or use the spacebar.      
  • Go back to step 4 to load another sound.


 Hints and Tips

  • Ctrl key
    The control key is used to set levels to their maximum or minimum.  Ctrl-VolumeUp = full volume, Ctrl-PanLeft = full left balance.  The control key can be used with the play and stop buttons and will play all the sounds or stop all the sounds.

  • Move the player
    To move the player around your desktop just click and drag on any part of the player that is not a button (the skin).
  • Quick changes
    Use the spacebar and the keyboard arrows to quickly change the sound levels of the seven players.
  • Volume differences
    The sound files are at various volume levels, just use the interface volume control to balance out the seven players.
  • Loop control
    When you play a sound it will repeat indefinitely, creating a loop.  This setting is called automatic.  To add some life and unpredictability to the sound loop try the random setting.  The purpose of this setting is to create realistic animal and bird sounds.  If you set an eagle sound to play randomly it brings the bird to life instead of just repeating every couple of seconds.  The last setting is manual.  This setting is for precise and consistent loop control.
  • Become a DJ
    You can load and reload different sounds to the seven players and change settings as many times as you want.  You can become a nature sounds DJ.  Just open up your computers “sound recorder” program and start recording.  Record as much as you like, create an hour long nature sound set just the way you like it.  Take your new recording on the road with you by uploading it into an mp3 player.  Depending on your operating systems settings it may be necessary to convert the recording to mp3 format.
  • Long file warning
    Longer files are marked as follows:  (thesoundfilename 3min) The “3min” tells the user that this sound is at least 3 minutes long.  For dial-up users, this is a warning that this file might take a while to load compared to the other files.
  • Mp3 gap
    The sounds this program uses are mp3 files.  Mp3 files contain information other than music, they have id3 data that contains artist info, comments and many other tidbits.  If you try to loop an mp3 track there will be a small sound gap, creating a skip in your loop.  This program has a default setting of 0.20 seconds that trims off this sound gap, for the most part.

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