Hawk in Flight in HoleyLand WMA

Hawk in Flight in HoleyLand WMA


This is a photograph of a hawk that is in flight at the HoleyLand Wildlife Management Area on the Broward/Palm Beach County line in Florida.  Camera gear used was a Nikon d90 DSLR camera with an attached Tamron 28-300mm lens and 2x teleconverter. The subject was spotted on an electric utility pole and was captured just as it was taking flight.

Subject Photo exif Data

  • Aperture - ƒ/8
  • Credit - Picasa
  • Camera - NIKON D90
  • Date Created - January 30, 2011, 4:04 am
  • Focal length - 300mm
  • Iso - 3200
  • Shutter speed - 1/320
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  1. Mike Tetrault says:

    Hey, I just took a bird photo too! Though yours is better.

  2. Alan Hochman says:

    lol Mike that looks like one of those campy 1950's sci;fi movies! Love it

  3. Howard Glatter says:

    You are really getting up there. kudos, it's a winner

  4. Alan Hochman says:

    Thanx Hesh..I'm gettin there! lol

  5. Karen Neuberg says:

    Amazing eyes

  6. Alan Hochman says:

    Hi Karen..Yes they surely are! I like the size of its talons! I have a small hawk in my backyard that is eating all of the doves. They really are swift birds!

  7. galaxy 93290 (@galaxy93290) says:

    RT @Photobug52: Hawk in Flight at HoleyLand WMA http://hochmanphotography.com/2011/02/hawk-flight-holeyland-wma/

  8. 灯音 (@toune244088) says:

    急にフォローされてビックリしたけれど、こんな写真が沢山見られるんだったらうれしい…でも、お礼は英語か…orz Hawk in Flight in HoleyLand WMA http://t.co/l7KXl8t via @photobug52

  9. TheOutdoorsGuy@Oceanhawk1) says:

    RT @Photobug52: Hawk in Flight at HoleyLand WMA http://hochmanphotography.com/2011/02/hawk-flight-holeyland-wma/

  10. mrsroadrunner says:

    Very nice!! Looking right at you too!

  11. Rory.S says:

    great photo, beautiful eyes

  12. Shayz says:

    Absolutely Gorgeous!

  13. Robert Stalnaker says:

    The subject looks to be an osprey, not a hawk (most use hawk to refer to a buteo or accipiter). Raptors in flight are difficult and top lighting can be problematic. Very nice timing and image.

  14. NikkiG says:


  15. Mia McPherson says:

    Wow, that Osprey looks intense!

  16. JasonW says:

    I\’m totally jealous of your work!

  17. Erin says:

    I love your photos especially the Hawk!

  18. Alan S. Hochman says:

    Hi Erin, Glad you liked that photo. It’s one of my favorites!

  19. Nature Tim says:

    Great photo, I find capturing a good photo of birds of prey especially difficult as there so wary of humans.

  20. Alan S. Hochman says:

    Absolutely true! And most times when they are in flight, they are too far out of range or you just get a dark sllhouette

  21. Kenny7 says:

    Did you go to school for this???

  22. cheryl says:

    Fantastic shot Alan.

  23. Stacy21 says:

    Great shot! He’s staring at you?

  24. Alan S. Hochman says:

    Maybe sizing me up for dinner? lol

  25. Jean476 says:

    Fantastic photo! How close was it from you?

  26. Lisa Greenwald says:

    Breathtakingly gorgeous!

  27. Alicia Corolla says:

    That is the perfect capture!!!

  28. Anthony says:

    Hi Alan,

    I like you photography work. Have you ever photographed in East Africa? I am an armature photographer myself and I have a lot to learn.

    Anyway good stuff

  29. Satish Sharma says:

    Nature is GOD and needs our complete devotion.

  30. Olly says:

    Hi Alan, I heard really bad things about teleconverters – do most of your shots come out like this or are they generally worse? I have to say it’s a great photo, one I’m quite envious of!

  31. Alan S. Hochman says:

    Hi Olly, this Tamron 2x teleconverter was a gift, and the only one I’ve ever used. They work best with a lot of light present.

  32. Shelly B says:

    Remarkable capture!!

  33. Alan S. Hochman says:

    Thank you Shelly. I’m proud of that pic.

  34. Julie says:

    hi I love the look of this bird flying in freedom

  35. Alan S. Hochman says:

    Thank you Julie!

  36. Kelly says:

    It’s not a hawk….it’s an Osprey. 🙂

  37. Rolly says:

    Nice sharp photo. The eyes are nice & clear.

  38. Joanne says:

    Hey Alan – great shot. Just so you know, this is an Osprey, not a hawk. :0)
    Keep the great work coming!

    The Falconlady

  39. petar says:

    amazing photo… :)))

  40. Jim Welke says:

    You take outstanding photos! If these don’t convince people to preserve the planet, I don’t know what will.

    BTW, the bird in this shot looks a lot like a short-eared owl: https://www.google.com/search?q=short-eared+owl&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&channel=fflb

  41. Jim Welke says:

    OK, I just read the comments by others… must be an Osprey 😉

    Thanks again for the stunning images.

  42. This is an osprey, not a hawk.

  43. Kathleen Norris says:

    Hi Alan! Just came across your site-Awesome! Some saying not a hawk but Osprey. Think it’s an “American Kestrel” see “Birds in Flight” pg 123. What do U think?
    Ospreys have a bend in wings & much longer.
    Happy Birding All!

  44. Alan S. Hochman says:

    Hi Kathleen-
    I don’t think it is an American Kestrel. This raptor had a larger wingspan and body, but I’m a photographer and not an ornithologist! 🙂

  45. Hi Alan.
    Definitely an Osprey.

  46. Alan S. Hochman says:

    Thank you Michele

  47. Sally says:

    That’s a truly stunning image – thanks for sharing.
    I took some photos of a little own recently – they are at:http://www.cliftongrovebirds.co.uk – unfortunately the area is earmarked for gravel extraction so the birds there are under threat 🙁

  48. Jeff says:

    Really nice shoot!


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