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19 Thoughts to “Green Parrots in South Florida”

  1. Alan S Hochman Photography (@Photobug52)

    Green Parrots in South Florida via @photobug52

  2. Richard Warwick (@RichardWarwick)

    RT @Photobug52: Green Parrots in South Florida via @photobug52

  3. Marshall.D

    Outstanding photo Alan πŸ™‚

  4. Kurtis Marsh (@kurtismarsh)

    RT @Photobug52: Green Parrots in South Florida #birds #featured #green #parrots

  5. Baby Wenas (@babyfwenas)

    Green Parrots in South Florida
    via @Photobug52 #photography #travel

  6. Anonymous

    Nature is beautiful!

  7. Marthe Neda Gonthier (@ghazamfar)

    V @Sannri: Green parrots! RT @Photobug52 Green parrots in South Florida

  8. Marthe Neda Gonthier (@ghazamfar)

    @Sannri You found your family :))

  9. S. Tanγ€€δΈ‰ι‡Œ (@Sannri)

    πŸ™‚ RT @ghazamfar: @Sannri You found your family :))

  10. SwampMud

    Simply amazing photography

  11. Sharon.Levinson

    Unbelievable work. I love parrots!

  12. Isobel

    Lovely pic. They look as if they’ve measured their distances from each other sitting on the wires, with the gaps between them wingspan space I suppose. Reminds me of children’s book ‘Where is the green parrot?’ πŸ™‚ Great photo, as usual.

  13. Joseph Alsarraf

    They blend in nicely with the green trees!

  14. Nanette Russo

    Hi Alan, Those 3 green parrots are a beautiful close up shot. they look animated, like they are waiting to see a movie or something, and their green feathers blend in with the trees. Great close up shot. Do you use a long close up lens with your Nikon camera? Happy photo days. Nanette

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  16. They’re beautiful! Great shot, I almost feel like I’m right there…

  17. Suzanne

    What kind of parrot is this? Do they have a name?

  18. Ivan

    Interesting how these brightly colored birds blend with the tree.

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